Liferay is the market leader
Liferay is the market leader in open source enterprise portals and it is considered as a „leader“ in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for horizontal portals. It is used by huge companies as it is used by startups and entrepreneurs. 

Liferay saves money
Liferay actually does one thing very good: It saves you a lot of money. You don´t have to care about users, rights, document management, content management, apps, theming, extensibility, clustering, search etc etc. : It´s all there in liferay for you. All you need is a liferay expert that knows which components to use and how they interoperate.

Liferay is technology agnostic
Liferay is built using a variety of technologies such as Java, Velocity, HTML5, AlloyUI, jQuery, CSS or JavaScript. Making the right choices to select the technology you need for your portal is what I am good at and what keeps my clients working with me.

Liferay is mobile ready
Liferay is mobile ready: Using a responsive (bootstrap) theme and responsive component libraries you can make sure, that smartphone and tablet users have the same great experience that desktop users have. Make sure to consult a liferay expert before you finalize your wireframes and specifications to make the most of your mobile portal.

I am a liferay expert
I am working with liferay since 7 years now. I helped dozens of companies to either setup a liferay portal, or develop individual parts of it. I´ve trained developers and administrators to use it and I´ve connected liferay to external systems like facebook, twitter, linkedin, ldap systems or amazon s3.

I am a liferay expert and I can´t wait to show you some of the work I´ve done.