First Infos about Liferay 6.2

On the liferay symposium, the liferay guys gave us some insight in 4 new features they are currently developing that will make it into Liferay 6.2. Release date is fall 2013.

Recycle bin

Whatever you delete will be moved into a recycle bin - just like the one you know from Windows. You can see your content in there, you can delete it permanently and you can also restore your content. The recycle bin will be (for example) integrated in wikis and allows an instant undo of your operation.

Until now the recycle bin doesn´t care for versions - let´s hope they will add in it the future.

App Display templates

App display templates allow to apply templates to certain portlet types. Sounds good and productive to me.

Web Content Folders

Web Content folder are exactly what their name implies: Folder that contain Web Contents which allows authors to structure and organize their content better.

New Calendar

The Calendar portlet will be greatly reworked in Liferay 6.2. It will offer a better UI, outlook-like functions like booking of ressources and a possibility to add more than one calendar per User. So if you want to differentiate between private and business meetings you can do so.
Sadly, in the version we´ve seen there is no synchronisation mechanism for google calendar or exchange, so for those of you who are only using Liferay calendar those features are great and the rest of you just has to wait for the sync feature.

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Liferay Europe Symposium 2012

Ok, two minutes ago I got my ticket to the Liferay europe symposium in Wiesbaden next week on the 16th and 17th. Who´s with me ?

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment.