New Features of Liferay 6.1

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So - you are all using Liferay 6.06 CE or 6.011 EE and you want to know, what´s next ? Well, the folks at Liferay gave  a glimpse at what we can expect in Liferay 6.1. at the hungarian symposium. If you want to have the complete presentation, take a look at the slides held at 16:35PM:
If you just want to know what´s going on ... here are some of the new features:

1) Greatly Improved Document Library with a redesigned UI.

  • It allows to integrate several existing content repositories (CMIS, Sharepoint, Documentum, Alfresco). 
  • Image Gallery and Document Library will be unified

2) Support for Staging 

  • modify several versions of your portal at the same time 
  • create a special christmas version without having to change all your sites.

3) Web Content title and description will finally be translatable

4) Simplified publishing of contents

  • Let end-users publish content without having to fight with asset publisher properties.
  • Link Web Content Links to configurable pages

5) Taxonomy Enhacements 

  • internationalization for vocabularies and categories
  • mandatory vocabularies
  • multi valued categorization

6) Custom Entities

This seems to be very interesting: A possibility to create a Liferay Service with Entities and GUIs simply by using a portlet. Sounds like taking the Liferay Service approach to a whole new level by also generating GUIs and allowing Users to do this within Liferay - not within Eclipse. I am very curious how this fits in your development environment. How will the source code be stored ? How do we migrate from one server to another ? We´ll see.

7) Workflow Aware Forms

Very interesting approach to create workflows and the GUIs / Forms that fit into the workflow as single steps. Should be possible to define business processes without development. Lets hope that all this data is exportable somehow...

8) Implementation of OpenSocial 1.1 

Visit http://www.opensocial.org/

9) Improved Social Features

Liferay 6.1 will introduce a Contact Center that will contain all Friends, FriendsRequests, Followers etc. Very good feature that will incorporate all the portlets that you have to find for yourself, create a page, configure everything etc etc. It will also contain "short status updates"  - looks like a twitter clone to me. Let´s see how it works.

10) Redesigned Calendar portlet

Finally - the calendar portlet will be complete rewritten, looks a little like the Google Calendar.Possibility to add ressources like conference rooms and view the availability of these ressources. Great ! Maybe we can get rid of outlok and do it in Liferay. This will maybe help to save costs for firms.

11) Improved MessageBoards

12) Improved Blogs

  • Attachments
  • Autotagging
  • sharing via Facebook and twitter

13) Improved Chat

Weehow ! The Chat Portlet will be rewritten and will contain features such as message broadcasts to a group of users, offline messaging and a chat history with pruning

14) Mobile themes

Great - Mobile themes for iPhone, iPad and Android will be available out of the box. This is one of the main requested features of my customers.

15) Suport for SAML 2.0

Liferay will work as an SSO provider - nice. One of my customers has three consultants sitting and configuring the SSO Framework - costy !

16) Improved documentation

Ok, I am curious about that ...

17) Improved Liferay IDE and Liferay Developer Studio

  • Create JSF 2.0 Portlets
  • Visual UI builder with AlloyUI
  • Workflow designer

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